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Valet Trash Service

Our Valet Trash Service is only offered in our two in person locations. Even though we are only in two locations right now we are willing and looking for a new hub to start offering our service! This service will separate you from the competition, and allow for you to add another small but BIG value to your tenants.

We currently serve both of our physical locations in Colorado Springs, Colorado; and our location in Manhattan, Kansas.

Trash Valet is usually only seen in luxury apartment complexes or buildings, the way we have our business set up we can now offer this service for any apartment complex or to any property manager!

This is one of the best and most unique service out there to help you take your rentals to the next level!

What’s Included???

Complimentary Trash Cans

We will offer you two different options for the same price!

Individual indoor/outdoor trash cans that people can use in their house and then place outside of their door when it is time for pick-up!

Or a community trash bucket 1 per every 2 doors, hold 3-5 trash bags. And sits outside always with a lid on it, and will be removed of trash come pick-up day!

Professional Staff

All of our staff will go through a training and certification process, by the time they start to work on your account they will be BPTR certified, and gone through rigorous training.

On top of certification and training, they will always be dressed in a collar and be driving a respectable company owned/branded, truck or car. If anyone approaches our staff while they are on the job site they will always hold a conversation and NEVER blow anyone off. Our customers are our top priority.

Workmanship Guarantee

Our Promise is that we will never miss a day, if something comes up, we will have another one of our staff members pick up the slack, but no matter what we never miss our pick-ups, because that is our PROMISE. And PROMISES are meant to be kept.

If we mess up and miss even one day the entire rest of that week worth of pick-ups are free. And if we miss more than two over a calendar month we will guarantee that a new staff member will be put on your contract removing the old one.

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